How SharePoint Tasks Lists Can Help Break the Sticky Note Habit

It turns out the sticky note habit is a surprisingly hard one to break. Heavy users even stuff color-coded sticky notes into labeled boxes to keep track of activities. Many will tell you they just don't know a better way to manage tasks. Many more will say they tried... read more

Create and use custom SharePoint site designs in Office 365

With great sites comes great responsibility and structure. It is the focus of IT and content managers to enable the business to achieve their outcomes while staying in compliance with company guidelines and preferences. And now you can with the ability to further customize the "modern" SharePoint sites experiences... read more

SharePoint Pages are Finally Getting Serious Editing Capabilities

If you're a SharePoint user, you’ll be acutely aware of the limitations in Microsoft's editing tools on SharePoint pages. To put it bluntly, they’ve been severely lacking in capability and usability. Thankfully the page and image editing is getting an overhaul. read more

Unleashing the Hidden Power of your SharePoint Blog

If you ask SharePoint owners and users about their favorite features of the SharePoint intranet, you can be sure that a SharePoint team site will be among the most popular answers. Indeed, almost 60% of companies confirm that a team site is the most frequently used collaboration feature. read more

Creating Your First PowerApps App Using a SharePoint List

PowerApps allows us common folks (non-developers) to create and publish web and mobile apps through an easy to use web-based tool. No Visual Studio, no coffee-based languages, and no dealing with getting something published to the fruit store. If you can use a web browser, you can build and... read more

Reusable Controls for Your SPFx Solutions

In this PnP Webcast, we concentrated on the reusable controls which are available for your SharePoint Framework solutions. These controls are designed to increase your productivity when you are building your solutions for SharePoint. They are open-source and community driven controls, which are also reviewed by SharePoint engineering. read more

How to Make a PowerApps Activity Feed via SharePoint Search

In a recent project, I developed a portal for the Project Management function of a global multinational. One of the key design principles we took into the engagement was not to simply make an electronic version of a Project Management manual. Instead, the solution had to be a source... read more

Angular, React or Vue – Which one for SPFx?

Many developers picking up the SharePoint Framework are coming from a traditional SharePoint development background. Some of these people server-side developers primarily who may have some client-side development experience while others may have been customizing SharePoint using client-side development techniques for a while. read more

What external scripts is your SharePoint Framework solution using?

When installing SharePoint Framework solutions, SharePoint shows you the URLs of external scripts used by the solution. But it doesn't show all of them, so be careful what solutions you allow to run unrestricted in your tenant. Using SharePoint Framework, developers can extend SharePoint beyond what's possible out of... read more
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